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Upcoming Events Start Date Online Registration Deadline
HGS General Lunch: Managing “Big Data” and Finding the “Sweet Spots”: Principal Component Analysis and Neural Analysis of Seismic Attributes to the Rescue 04-29 11:15am 04-28 5:00am
Depositional Systems and Facies Variability in the Wilcox Group in Texas Core Workshop 05-05 9:00am
HGS General Dinner - Mega-Regional View of Plays around the Northern Gulf of Mexico from an Onshore, Offshore Composited PSDM Seismic Grid 05-11 5:30pm 05-11 5:00am
HGS Continuing Education - The Resume Doctor is IN 05-12 7:30am 05-10 11:45pm
HGS E & E - How to Get Product to Market Navigating the Endangered Species Act: A Case Study Using the Lesser Prairie-chicken 05-13 5:30pm 05-13 5:00am
2015 HGS AGC Geomechanics Conference - Geomechanics in Unconventionals 05-18 8:00am 05-14 12:00am
HGS Joint North American & International Dinner - Paleogeographic Constraints on Middle to Late Jurassic Tectonic Reconstruction of the Maya Block of Southern Mexico and Equivalent Strata of Northwestern South America 05-18 5:30pm 05-18 5:00am
HGS Northsiders' Luncheon - Resource Play Fairway Modeling and Prediction: Maturity, Hydrocarbon Fluid Composition and Pressure Analysis in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale 05-19 11:15am 05-18 12:00pm
HGS General Lunch - Oil prices: Lower 48 companies and plays – breakeven analysis 05-27 11:15am
2015 Guest Night 06-06 7:00pm 06-05 5:00am
HGS International Dinner - Pre-Salt Play Elements, Play Potential and Continental Margin Type: South Atlantic 06-15 5:30pm
2015 HGS Skeet Shoot! 06-27 8:00am 06-26 12:00pm
30th Annual GSH Clay Shoot Tournament 08-22 7:00am
2015 14th PESGB HGS Africa Conference 09-03 8:00am
2015 GCAGS 09-20 8:00am

From the President - April 2015

Presidential Ponderings

Unlike last month, the sun is shining, the temperature is nice, but I am still pondering anew. Because of the late 4th quarter downturn, the 1st quarter continuance, and the need to tell members that “It’s only over if you want it to be;” I’m pondering the present and the past of oil field employment.

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From the Editor - April 2015

Will You Be a Survivor?

A few days ago I was discussing my Editor’s Column with a colleague. Considering the recent events in our business (falling oil prices, budget cuts, layoffs) he suggested I use a future column to reassure the younger members that everything will be okay for them. This seemed like a pretty good idea until I gave it some more thought. In good conscience, I can’t tell or try to convince anyone in our business that all will be fine in the future. I can, however, fairly confidently state that the industry will be okay and will probably have a good future. Whether or not any particular member will be a part of that future is much less certain.

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