Oil Prices: What’s Next?

This month’s topic has been quite a challenge. Most of you do not realize that I am writing this in mid-October for publication in December. This is quite a lot of time for this subject considering we are having a national election and an OPEC meeting in November. A few things I can predict are that (by the time you read this article) we will have a new President, the weather in Houston will be pleasant, OPEC will have met, and experts will continue to predict the price of oil incorrectly. I have had the opportunity to listen to several “experts” talk on oil price recently and the factors that they believe will drive the price of crude oil in 2017. I hope you find this insightful given that the health of our industry is dictated by its price.


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From the Editor - December 2016

The Challenge of Locational Accuracy (Part 1): The Geodetic Datum

Navigation and mapping have always been in my blood. When I lived in Chicago from 1997-2002, during my extensive commutes to and from work, I would try different routes home on purpose (sans map or cell phone) to “explore” the city. My favorite days were the ones when I would actually get lost – and then have to use key reference points (like Lake Michigan or the Sears Tower) to feel my way back to my neck of the woods. I did find myself in some sticky situations in the city’s south-side, but the thrill of getting back to my north-side apartment after a long commute (and cheap gasoline circa 1999) was exhilarating!

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