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Webinar: An Introduction to Velocity Model Building 04-13 8:00am
HGS General Dinner - Relationship between Anticlinal Folding and the Evolution of Mechanical Stratigraphy, Rock Mechanics Properties and Reservoir Quality in the Tensleep Sandstone at Alcova Reservoir, Central Wyoming, USA 04-13 5:30pm
HGS E & E - Don't Get Hurt!: How to stay safe when you’re working in the oil fields. 04-15 5:30pm
HGS International Dinner - An Overview of Kurdistan: One of the last onshore frontiers of huge hydrocarbon potential 04-20 5:30pm 04-20 5:00am
HGS Northsiders' Luncheon -Modern marine geochemistry surveys to reduce exploration risk. Success depends on design, quality, and execution 04-21 11:15am
HGS North American Dinner - Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Establishing the Chronostratigraphic Relationships Between the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups Across Texas 04-27 5:30pm 04-27 5:00am
HGS General Lunch: Managing “Big Data” and Finding the “Sweet Spots”: Principal Component Analysis and Neural Analysis of Seismic Attributes to the Rescue 04-29 11:15am 04-28 5:00am
Depositional Systems and Facies Variability in the Wilcox Group in Texas Core Workshop 05-05 9:00am
HGS Continuing Education - The Resume Doctor is IN 05-12 7:30am 05-10 11:45pm
2015 HGS AGC Geomechanics Conference - Geomechanics in Unconventionals 05-18 8:00am 05-14 12:00am
HGS Joint North American & International Dinner - Paleogeographic Constraints on Middle to Late Jurassic Tectonic Reconstruction of the Maya Block of Southern Mexico and Equivalent Strata of Northwestern South America 05-18 5:30pm
2015 Guest Night 06-06 7:00pm 06-05 5:00am
2015 HGS Skeet Shoot! 06-27 8:00am 06-26 12:00pm
2015 14th PESGB HGS Africa Conference 09-03 8:00am
2015 GCAGS 09-20 8:00am

From the President - March 2015

Presidential Ponderings

It’s a wet and cold day in January as I ponder what to expect from oil by the time you read this in March. As I look at the different web sites I see that the WTI price is $45.60 for February delivery and natural gas is $2.88 and gasoline by my house is $1.85 to $1.89. From last month, that’s down $30.00 for oil, about $0.84, and $0.84 respectively, from my ponderings last month. Goldman Sachs is calling for oil to fall to $40.00 and Bloomberg TV says that oil will make a significant recovery in two to three years. Forbes doesn’t know where the floor is but doesn’t expect oil to go above $60 through 2016. I have heard of early retirement packages, quiet layoffs, global layoffs, rig demobilizations, and budget cutbacks. Where will all of this take us?

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From the Editor - March 2015

Do You Hear or Do You Listen?

A few months ago, Ken Nemeth mentioned, in his President’s Column, that geologists harbor an intense passion for their profession. To this, I would add that we are also, as a group, quite a curious bunch. We are intrigued by incomplete data sets, challenged by trying to assemble the “jigsaw puzzle” that comes in a box without a photo on the cover, and usually not content with a partial understanding of any issue or problem.

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