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Upcoming Events Start Date Online Registration Deadline
HGS General Dinner - Appraisal and Development of the Midland Basin Wolfcamp Shale 03-09 5:30pm 03-09 5:00am
GSH-SEG Annual Symposium: Exploration frontiers: New targets, new techniques 03-10 8:30am
IRESS 2015 Symposium - New Geological Targets, Technologies and Challenges: Our Continuing Dialogue with Industry 03-11 8:00am
HGS E & E - Navigating Pitfalls in Estimating Costs of Environmental Remediation Liabilities for Financial Reporting Purposes 03-11 5:30pm 03-10 12:00pm
HGS International Dinner - The Brazilian Equatorial Transform Margin: A Snapshot in Time of an Oblique Rifted Margin 03-16 5:30pm 03-16 5:00am
HGS Northsiders' Luncheon - Geomechanical and Flow Simulation of Hydraulic Fractures Using High-Resolution Passive Seismic Images 03-17 11:15am 03-16 12:00pm
HGS North American Dinner - Predictive Organization of Deep-Water Lobes 03-23 5:30pm 03-23 5:00am
HGS General Lunch: New Plays and New Players Bring New Life to the Gulf of Mexico Shelf 03-25 11:15am 03-24 5:01am
Webinar: An Introduction to Velocity Model Building 04-13 8:00am
HGS International Dinner - An Overview of Kurdistan: One of the last onshore frontiers of huge hydrocarbon potential 04-20 5:30pm 04-20 5:00am
HGS North American Dinner - Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Establishing the Chronostratigraphic Relationships Between the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups Across Texas 04-27 5:30pm 04-27 5:00am
Depositional Systems and Facies Variability in the Wilcox Group in Texas Core Workshop 05-05 9:00am
2015 HGS AGC Geomechanics Conference - Geomechanics in Unconventionals 05-18 8:00am 05-14 12:00am
2015 Guest Night 06-06 7:00pm 06-05 5:00am
2015 HGS Skeet Shoot! 06-27 8:00am 06-26 12:00pm

From the President - February 2015

Presidential Ponderings

Well, as Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to ponder what you might want to read in February. It will be old news by then, but gasoline is under $2.40 per gallon on the west side of Houston. A search of the web shows that it is as low as $1.95 near Pearland. West Texas Intermediate is $58.15 as I ponder these things...

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From the Editor - February 2015

Learning a New Language

When I began my first job, I had no idea how complex the language of the industry I had chosen was. My first project involved analyzing several well logs and creating structure, isopach and net pay maps. Armed with two boxes of logs and a set of interpretation manuals, I began my journey into the oil-field world of special terms and abbreviations. Aside from becoming familiar with the abbreviations for various wireline log types and curves, which I will not mention specifically to avoid being accused of vendor bias, I learned the difference between sands that were porous and non-porous, or tight sands. I felt pretty good about my ability to discriminate between the two, so imagine my confusion when I found a large “Tight Hole” stamp on a well that clearly had a significant thickness of porous sand. So began a career of learning new terms, applying familiar terms to new things; and constantly wrestling with and trying to decipher the abbreviations that we, as an industry, seem to love..

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